Watches and Clocks at Gems

Is it time to buy a new watch?

We have a watch for everyone! You will never be late again with a watch from our varied selection.

At Gems of Thornbury, we understand the practicality of a watch, most people wear one every day. We believe a watch should not only be practical but perfectly fitted and beautiful. For an item that is worn so often there is also a need for it to look great. Making it not just an essential item for time keeping but also makes it an item you want to wear, not have to wear.

A watch can be a subtle or statement piece of your outfit depending on the look you want, we also recognise that many people become attached to them and so it can be hard to replace them when they are not able to be fixed.

This can be said for a clock also. Many now use a clock as a feature in a room, rather than a small traditional clock on the mantelpiece; people are now choosing different ways in displaying clocks in different rooms in their homes. At Gems of Thornbury we have a wide variety of designed clocks. Our aim is to have a product that suits each customer and the room that they wish to place it in. This means different colours, sizes, shapes and styles.

Has your watch stopped ticking?

Whether the battery needs replacing or it’s a full watch repair, bring it into Gems of Thornbury and we can help repair your watch and restore it back to how it first was.

Watches Repairs


Jewellery in Thornbury

There is a wide selection of ready-made jewellery products available in store. We also undertake all kinds of repairs on jewellery.

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Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery Repairs in Bristol

If you have damaged your watch or jewellery and would like it repaired at a great price then Gems of Thornbury can undertake those repairs.

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Design Your Own Ring

Cash for Cash Bristol

Work alongside one of our technicians to design jewellery that is unique to you! Choose everything from profile to diamond size!

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